Office relocation and new developments of Catapulte

Catapulte is very pleased to announce that after almost seven years of history, we will be taking one big step forward in coming November.

Office Relocation
With effect from 1 November 2013, we will move our office to a new commercial building named King Palace Plaza in Kwun Tong, Kowloon, with a view to the Victoria Harbour. Kwun Tong used to be a residential and industrial area, but it has been redeveloping a lot during the recent years. It has become the commercial center of the eastern part of the Kowloon Peninsula and has been attracting many international firms and banks situated there.
The full address of our new office is:

Unit C, 8/F, King Palace Plaza
No. 55 King Yip Street, Kwun Tong
Kowloon, Hong Kong

Clients using our office address as their registered address in Hong Kong will share the same address and our team will contact you soon for the change separately.


We are also very pleased to announce that to expand our services coverage, we will be
joining the brand ‘Orbis’ and provide corporate management services as ‘Orbis’ more often.

Orbis is an alliance of lawyers, accountants, auditors and consultants offering business
management, legal, tax, accounting, audit, intellectual property and consulting services to
multinational and local companies, institutions or individual investors. It took its roots in
South-East Asia since 2006 with a dedicated concentration on Thailand and with the
joining of Catapulte, it is now also focusing on Hong Kong and Mainland China and covering some more other Asian countries. For details, please visit



We thank you for your trust during the past years and we sincerely hope you can keep supporting us in this venture.

Catapulte office in Bangkok

DSCN1810After many years working together and referring customers one to the other, Catapulte and Alexandre Dupont decided to move forward and set up Catapulte in Bangkok to support and guide both common customers and new customers who might be interested in the opportunities that the dynamic Thai market is offering for the past few years. With Catapulte in Hong Kong and Catapulte in Shanghai, Catapulte in Bangkok is the 3rd flag that Catapulte planted in Asia improving its regional presence and its capacity to fully guide its customers in most dynamic countries of the continent.


Alexandre Dupont, Founder of Law Solutions, CPA Solutions and Orbis addresses some common questions about Bangkok economy in a short Q&A session in our latest newsletter available here.

Catapulte office in Shanghai

To guide our customers willing to establish in Mainland China, Catapulte decided to set-up a presence in the mainland. Customers like Oreca (see below) can now enjoy the professionalism, the network, the know-how and the experience of Yun Qi and her colleague, Stella Liang.


Yun and Stella are actually old friends of Catapulte’s founders, since they already worked together in the past, in similar circumstances. We are so happy to resume our collaboration under Catapulte’s umbrella, a new venture in a very confident atmosphere both for Catapulte and its customers.
See our latest newsletter for the short Q&A session with Yun who address some common questions about company formation in China.


Catapulte in Shanghai has its first project with Speedshare and Oreca. Speedshare, a local automotive and motorsport professional services company, is in charge of the business development of Oreca in Asia. From February 2012, we have been accompanying Speedshare in the process of developing Oreca in Mainland China and registering Oreca Asia officially.

Catapulte new website

Catapulte is happy to announce the launch of its new website.
The launch of this 2.0 version is to celebrate our 5 years’ anniversary. While fundamentals and values remain, Catapulte keeps developing and offering more and more services to more and more customers in more and more countries.

It is time to adjust our website to both our new dimension and a new environment. No more flash, Catapulte’s v2.0 website is fully readable on any computer, Smartphone or tablet. Nevertheless, no matter the size of Catapulte is, or even Catapulte is getting a little more “corporate”, it is essential for us to keep the same spirit, not taking ourselves too seriously. Catapulte’s new website remains friendly and fun.

Catapulte IT branch

Catapulte is thrilled to introduce its new IT services branch thanks to the joining of Jeremie who has been working with us on the development of Ecclesia SaaS platform since 2009.

We now offer IT services ranging from consultancy in security, infrastructure and network, website development (CMS and tailor-made) to the implementation of various CRM and ERP system for SME’s. Our recent achievements include:

  • Setup a web CRM for a consulting company to collect and consult customer portfolio and to send newsletters with click/link tracking.
  • Developed a multilanguage website based on a popular CMS for an automotive/motorsport professional services company
  • Microsoft Dynamic Navision implementation with report/form customization, workflow optimization and user training.

Let us optimize your business by implementing state of the art cloud technologies solutions in your company.

Departure and arrival

In June, we regret to have Rachel (right) leaving us after 2 years at Catapulte but on the other hand, we are happy to welcome Boey (left). We would like to thank Rachel for her contributions and we wish Boey to enjoy her new job!